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Welcome to Children Of The Greys. This site is dedicated to all experiencers, alien abductees, contactees and anyone interested in the world wide phenomenon of alien abduction.

In Children Of The Greys, a true story of his numerous alien encounters, author Bret Oldham relives many of his traumatic alien abduction experiences. From mind control experiments, sexual interludes, healings, unexplainable scars, hybrids, an incredible multiple abduction with another witness and a fetus being taken, to the paranormal connection and more; all described in great detail. Theories and insights into the possible alien agenda by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Brent Raynes, Brad Steiger, Sandy Nichols and Kathleen Marden are also presented here. Memories that had been suppressed for years by the aliens surfaced after receiving therapy for a series of anxiety attacks. Memories that were kept secret for decades are now revealed for the first time in this very personal, thought provoking account of one man’s journey through the enigma of the alien abduction phenomenon.